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Emmure, Ill Nino, 9Electric, SHOGUN, Syntax Error

Mon, September 24, 2012

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

The Castle Theatre

Bloomington, IL

$28.00 - $30.00

This event is all ages

Static-X can't be stopped. On their sixth studio release, Cult of Static, the Los Angeles industrial metal quartet engages sensory destruction. Due out March 17, 2009 via Reprise/Warner Bros. Records, Cult of Static is loaded with songs that explode on impact. The cybernetic stomp of "Hypure" and "You Am I" bludgeon, bruise and break with precise grooves. Elsewhere, the staccato riffs on "Terminal" crush through an unmistakable guitar tone. Guitarist Koichi Fuduka blazes through incendiary solos, while Tony Campos bolts down demonic bass lines and Nick Oshiro pounds out deadly rhythms. Frontman Wayne Static riffs pure violence and screams out his soul. Static-X venture into dark thematic territory, crafting more expansive, epic tracks than ever before. "Grind 2 Halt" take listeners through a trancey, sonic wasteland of synths and swirling electronic textures buttressed up against a wall of distortion. Wayne and Co. descend into aural oblivion, and they're bringing heavy metal with them. Get ready to join the cult.

Following 2007's massively successful Cannibal, Cult of Static is a statement. Wayne describes the album best. "Our sound is always evolving. This record has a lot more depth to it. On Cannibal, I tried to simplify things more, and on this album, I didn't worry about that so much. I went back to layering the music and making it moodier. It's just as heavy as the last record is, but it's bigger. It's got very epic moments. There are extremely heavy parts, but this is also the kind of record you can chill out to with headphones on. For me, it was about having a balance between fast, driving songs and dreamy, electronic passages. You can completely escape with it." It's easy to drift off into delirium during the six-minute "Tera-fied." The song proves to be a haunting ride that shifts from vampiric trance to brooding metal, complete with foreboding samples. It's all driven by Wayne's trademark hypnotic howl.

Since their breakthrough debut, Wisconsin Death Trip, Static-X have sold over three million records, and they've completed numerous successful world tours. Cult of Static is the culmination of over a decade of destruction. "Lunatic" is Cult of Static's opening call-to-arms. Included on the Punisher: War Zone soundtrack (available November 25), Static-X offer up a taste of what's to come with "Lunatic." Relentless and raw, the song brandishes a ripping groove and an impenetrable barrier of guitars. The version on the soundtrack certainly kills, but the album cut features a solo by legendary Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. "I've been a huge Megadeth fan for years, and we've toured with them twice. Dave and I really hit it off on the road. His lead style is one of the most distinctive styles out there. There's something amazing about it. When you hear him solo, you know it's him."

Beyond working with Mustaine, Wayne co-produced Cult of Static with John Travis [Kid Rock, Buckcherry, Social Distortion]. However, this time, they recorded at Wayne's new home studio. "Recording at home gave me the freedom to work any time. I could write at my own pace, and it was much more comfortable. Most of this record was written between midnight and six in the morning. This whole album is an experiment." First single "Z28" captures that immediacy and raw emotion. It possesses a rock n' roll vibrancy forged to Static-X's electronic sensibility.

Once again, Wayne has followed his creative impulses to the fullest. "This record is definitely the most personal for me. Since I got married last year, there have been lots of emotions. Music is always going to reflect where you're at. It's been a really inspiring time. The last year of my life has been the greatest. Doing OZZfest 2007, Gigantour and the two headline tours made it the best, but I'm still a workaholic. It all comes down to hard work. I don't take vacations. I'm writing the next record now, and that's what it takes."

There are no days off in heavy metal. While recording Cult of Static, Static-X also dropped a live CD/DVD compilation entitled Cannibal Killers in October 2008. The collection showcases the band decimating a sold out crowd, and it captures their frenetic energy. "I'm a big believer in entertainment," exclaims Wayne. "Our shows have a party atmosphere. We have a good time, and we invite the crowd to have a good time with us. I want people to forget about everything for the hour we're onstage." That's why the fans still pack houses all over the world for Static-X on every tour. No doubt, 2009 will see the band on the road continuously again.

The title says it all. "Our fans are so loyal. I'm jokingly calling it a cult, but our fans have that kind of loyalty. We've been putting out records and touring for ten years now, and I think we can get away with this title. We have this massive group of diehard followers. We're one of the biggest underground bands ever." However, on Cult of Static, the band resonates far past the underground.

In the end, Static-X are here to stay. "We're one of the bands that you either love or hate," concludes Wayne. "There's really no in-between. The fans are going to love this new album. It makes you want to drive fast. It makes you want to fuck. It makes you want to fight. It makes you want to feel." It'll make you want to join the Cult of Static and never look back. – Rick Florino
It's a respect issue and growing up in Queens, NY you either have to kill or be killed. EMMURE have embraced this ideology and have grown stronger as a result. However, instead of taking out their aggressions in negative ways they channeled their collective angst into their music to create a propulsive blend of unabashed aggression and intensity that the youth across the world embrace with open arms.

EMMURE keep it simple and straight-forward, but this coupled with vocalist Frankie Palmeri's brutal openness and honesty connects to people on a level that few others can. Everyone has demons and dark sides to their lives, but this group shows that everyone deals with these types of issues and that there are productive ways to let it all out. EMMURE have gained the loyalty of the metal community and legions of rabid fans, but make no mistake if you disrespect them you will be left sleeping with the fishes.
Ill Nino
Ill Nino
For Ill Nino, first there was Revolution, Revolucion, which introduced the Latin-flavored sextet to the rock world. Ill Nino was something new, something different, and something spicy. With their explosive percussive elements and Spanish-guitar undertones, the band lent a much-needed 'worldly' element to their aggressive rock assault. From the get-go, Ill Nino was something new, something different - their first single from Revolution, Revolucion, "What Comes Around," was added early at K-ROCK New York, and with a video directed by Marcos Siega, the band was off and running. Now there is Confession, the next logical step in the band's burgeoning career. Once Confession hits the streets, there will be no looking back for Ill Nino, as they have struck an artful balance between memorable and menacing.
9E colors their soundscape with cutting edge dance/electronic influences like Skrillex, Nero, Pendulum and The Prodigy, blending the digital mayhem with industrial-rock grooves reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, and Static-X. In February of 2011, the Hollywood based quartet unveiled this new sound in their premiere show at The Roxy Theatre. In their short career, 9ELECTRIC has developed a manic, high energy performance style accompanied by go-go dancers, custom lighting, and synched video projections. It's a dance party that rocks! 9E recently brought their live show on tour with Island Records recording artists American Head Charge, gaining legions of fans who have taken to the internet and spread 9ELECTRIC's songs and videos like a virus. As of April 2012, 9E videos have been viewed over 800,000 times on YouTube, and 9E have over 10,000 fans on Facebook. In April, 2012, 9E released their first single DESTROY AS YOU GO - featuring guest vocals by Wayne Static (Static-X) – to online retailers including iTunes. The single was also added to radio stations across the US including some national satellite stations.
Syntax Error
Genre: Metal, electronica
Similar to: Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down, Disturbed

Syntax Error was formed in 2002 and has evolved over the years and it's newest incantation began the Summer of 2011. Original members, Robert Buhl and Max Damarin, with the addition of Billy Whitley on guitar, Dan Sidell on bass and Brad Kurland on drums, have brought Syntax Error to an entirely new level. Syntax Error brings a unique intensity to every show. Through their heavy industrial sound they engage audiences and bring forth a strength that makes them stand apart from others. Statements made by past audience members and fans include, "That was amazing! I have never seen anything like it." “GREAT GREAT GREAT FAN FUCKIN TASTIC!”
Venue Information:
The Castle Theatre
209 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL, 61701