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Please read carefully! No, we mean it.Email any booking inquiry to – please include the following:

1. Band name
2. Hometown
3. Band website
4. Link to EPK
5. Your style of music (come on, at least try to put a label on it)
6. Have you played in Bloomington/Normal before? If so, when, where, and with who?
7. Have you played our theatre before? If so, when?
8. Any specific dates you’re looking to play?
9. Any other enticements you may have for being booked?
NOTE: If you can only play weekends, please mention that as well.

Ok, here are a couple of MUSTS:
Do not email us your band.s MP3(s) – keep attachments under 100k in size!
Please do not ship unsolicited press kits and/or demos to us.
Please keep in mind that we book shows 2-3 months in advance. If you’re trying to get a show next weekend, we most likely cannot help you.

Remember, we get a lot of booking requests, and it might be a while before you receive a response. Feel free to follow up with an email if you don’t hear back.

All agents/agencies for nationally touring acts please contact Rory O’Connor at The Castle Theatre, 309-275-1238 or
Office hours are generally M-F: 9-5PM.