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Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts

Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts

Rebecca Rego, The Unemployed Architects

Fri, November 16, 2012

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Castle Theatre

Bloomington, IL

$6.00 - $8.00

This event is 18 and over

Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts
Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts

Songs are the key.

Miles Nielsen has been writing them for as long as he can remember. Good, bad, great – yeah he’s covered all those bases.

For some, music is something in the background, or in the corner of the bar, or merely something that lives on the other side of the dial – a magic diversion created to pass the time in the car. For Miles Nielsen, music is as much a part of his life as
the act of taking a breath, every experience, every conversation, every dream is a potential song in the making.

There are millions of people writing, recording and releasing music in today’s world of immediate return. Learn three chords, turn on the computer and you have a worldwide release. There are very few, however, who are writing music that makes you immediately wish there was “more” – another song to make you turn up the volume , another nugget of melody or lyric that you can find some part of to make your own.

Miles’s songs provide that sense of yearning and ownership. You want to have another record, another song – you want to hit rewind … you want to know more about this world created in song by Mr. Nielsen. A captivating wordsmith, instrumentalist, and creator of hooks – rare indeed, but present in the person of Miles Nielsen.

It would be hard to imagine that the years spent honing his craft throughout the bars and music halls of the Midwest, were not leading to something bigger, something permanent. His latest release, Miles Nielsen presents the Rusted Hearts certainly occupies a space of permanence – these songs are not mere throwaway pop songs – but, rather explorations and declarations of a mastery of style and substance, destined to fall into regular rotation on the turntables of fans new and old for years to come.

What is next? Like with any other prediction – no one can say. Gifts like Miles’s come along very infrequently, and one can only hope that his ability to be so “in the now” – listening for the songs spoken in the everyday world will continue to grow.

Then maybe that “more” we are looking for, will be given to us via that very key we yearn for –

…through Songs.
Rebecca Rego
Rebecca Rego
REGO grew up on a small farm in southeastern Wisconsin. “I was always in love with the guitar.” explains REGO. “Some of my earliest memories are sitting in my neighbor’s living room watching him run over blues licks.” Her mother, a former concert cellist, encouraged her to study and play classical guitar and that’s what she did for most of her adolescence. Falling in love with singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, and Bruce Springsteen, she longed to write songs of her own. Then, sometime in the middle of teenage angst, she wrote her first song. In 2006 she moved to Chicago and recorded her first EP. Cutting her teeth in the fertile Chicago open mic scene, she slowly began to gain a voice and a following. There is now no mistaking her unique vocal range and finger picking style, reminiscent of her classical training.

Since then she has released two other albums. Her most recent release, All These Bones And Us, sold out the famous Chicago venue, Old Town School of Folk Music. This February, Seconds will be her second full-band release featuring Stephanie Whiton on Drums; Michael Biederman on guitar; Mike Przygoda, piano and vibraphone; and Renee Serritella on bass. Fellow Chicago folkie and occasional member of Joe Pug’s band, Julie Klee, provides backing vocals on half of the new songs. Seconds marks the fourth studio record for REGO since 2006. Moving in a new direction, the new record reveals a more mature and evolving set of songs. From the slow burn of opener “REM”, though the slick rocker “Sabotage”, to the triumphant “Last Night on Earth”, REGO charts their own course through a new brand of Americana. Nonetheless, there’s still a rootsy element to this group; see the finger-picked ballad “Curse Myself”, or the pedal steel that permeates “This Part”.

REGO has supported such acts as The Bottle Rockets, City & Colour, The Greencards, Nervous but Excited, Pieta Brown, The Rosebuds, Ha Ha Tonka, Crash Test Dummies, Nicole Atkins, Other Lives, Sarah Jaffe and many more. She has performed at famed Chicago venues such as The Metro, Double Door, Schubas, Lakeshore Theater, Martyrs, and tours frequently around the country. Seconds is due to be released February 11th with a record release show at Chicago’s famed Lincoln Hall.
The Unemployed Architects
The Unemployed Architects
The Unemployed Architects bring the noise like no other with their smashing originals & uncanny flare for covering tunes of the past, present, & future. They come from a very diverse musical background coming together to complete a very different - yet somehow familiar & unique sound. Within the lingering effect of their music, emerges two very talented singer-songwriters, both, with a wide range of original music fueled by the rising & maturing original sound of the other members. Their live shows have built a reputation as top notch amongst colleges, private parties, & venues. Whether they are playing a 4 hour set or a 40 min. set, you are in for a treat.

Sounds like: Early U2 meets Dave Matthews Meets Kings of Leon
Venue Information:
The Castle Theatre
209 E. Washington St.
Bloomington, IL, 61701